3-10 multicultural activities, diversity, tolerance, education
Multilingual Children
6-10 Watching videos, speaking (about) languages, find words in your own language
Today is today
6-10 Calendar, festivities, cultural knowledge, traditions
Our diary
0-6; 6-10 Writing, words recognition, lexical acquisition
Family Chronicle
6-10 Writing, speaking, asking questions
Cooking, language and culture
0-6; 6-10 Writing, cooking, word recognition, content and language integrated learning CLIL
Greeting card
0-6; 6-10 Writing, vocabulary
Shopping list
6-10 Writing, naming, lexicon acquisition
Doing sports
0-6; 6-10 Sports, word recognition, content and language integrated learning
Chi Chi Wah
0-6; 6-10 Listening, dancing
Let's sing - along!
0-6; 6-10 Singing, fun, increase retention, vocabulary in context, connecting the meanings in different languages
"On the road" with music
0-6; 6-10 Singing, fun, increase retention, vocabulary in context
Once upon a time
From 3 years on Finger puppet, storytelling, listening skills, vocabulary
Invite playmates on Skype
0-6; 6-10 Speaking, playing, online
A Skype breakfast
0-6; 6-10 Speaking, online
Worldwide radio stations
0-6; 6-10 Listening, radio, online, music
My dog makes wang wang
0-6; 6-10 Languages, animal sounds
Memory game with sounds
From 4 years on Memory, game, describing, extending language, storytelling, online
0-6 Word recognition, speaking, listening, online
Multilingual stories online
5-13 Listen, story, read loud, reading training, online
0-6 Reading, literature, narration, lexicon
Paste your household
6-10 Sticking, natural learning, tags
Flashcard game
6-10 Flashcard, expressions, vocabulary, matching
The tourists
0-6; 6-10 Role playing, using one language at a time
The creatures of the forest
From 3 years on Using one language at a time, natural environment, creative role playing
6-10 Expression, body language, guessing, vocabulary
A Multilingual video
0-6; 6-10 Video, YouTube, watching, online
Who's that? Start a family album
0-6; 6-10 family matters, writing, doing handicrafts, creativity, vocabulary
Multilingual birds
0-6 Watching film, painting, drawing, solving riddles, create art with finger and handprint
Is that a fact?
16-18 Difference between fact and opinion, stereotypes, prejudices
12-18 Traditions, culture, diversity
My family heritage poster
5-10 Heritage, culture, tradition
Circles of my multicultural self
8-16 Multicultural identity, stereotypes, particular groups
100 % creative language painting
8-10 Feelings, attitudes, mood, language use
Hello in different languages
5-8 Cross-cultural, hello, languages, people
10-14 Storytelling, writing skills, creativity, online
6-13 human rights, project, Service -Learning, refugees
6-13 human rights, project, Service -Learning, refugees
6-13 Develope, intercultural, understanding, different cultures
Teaching Children about Multicultural Literature RDE
6-13 multicultural literature, diversity, education
4-12 human rights, tolerance, no-racism
4-12 tolerance, stereotypes, equality
4-12 anti-racism, multicultural, discrimination;
6-12 diversité, amitié, différence, tolérance
10-15 diversity, understanding, tolerance
6-15 différence, respect, amitié
6 – 12 European Union, play, education, games