Where is the love
12-18 Tolerance, respect, multiculturality, love.
10-18 Stereotypes, ignorance, multiculturality.
12-18 Slavery, multiculturality, tolerance, greed.
The Monster in the Wardrobe
3-10 Tolerance, diversity, fear.
All about Tolerance. Mr Stanley Tells Stories about Accepting Others
3-12 Tolerance, diversity, integration.
10-18 Stereotypes, multiculturality, judgments.
«Give our childhood, give us peace» :Ghina Bou Hemdan RDE
6-13 peace, freedom,childhood
12-18 eguality, respect, cooperation
6-15 friendship, generosity
10-15 difference, tolerance, equality
Cool Kind Kid
6-12 respect , acceptation
10-18 difference, tolerance, equality
6-12 diversity, different cultures, communication, same meaning
6-12 diversity, different cultures, celebrate, holidays
3-10 Friendship, equality
If you are happy
3-6 Friendship, happiness
Imagine - John Lennon RDE
6-13 unity, love, peace, equality
primary school multiculturalism, integration, peace, reception
It’s our world
primary school multiculturalism, integration, dance, fun