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Interesting ethnographic, cultural, regional and travel workshops !

Join our special extra-curricular activities in geography, science, ethnics and art that will open your eyes to the diversity of world.

We live in times when the borders are blurred. We travel all over the world, but we frequently do not understand the customs and traditions of the visited countries. As part of the workshops organized by Etno Warsztaty, we bring countries, new cultures, religion and practical knowledge to you. We teach how to use chopsticks, how to draw a mandala, how to become bicycle traveller, who are the Buddhists and how does Turkish or Moroccan tea taste?

The upcoming year will be interesting due to the cultures and traditions emerging in Poland not only through cuisine or our exotic trips, but also through our new neighbours, who appear here and there in our cities.

There is a wide range of our offers due to the age ( from the youngest to the oldest), and duration  (from workshops that last 1 hour to several-days family events).

All activities are in line with the school core curriculum and have been implemented since 2011.

The idea of Etno Warsztaty has its origin in few simple things: our travel experience, abandoned teaching career as well as children’s and adults’ great interest in world cultures.