The project “Multicultural Schools – Enhancing Cultural and Linguistic Treasure of Europe through Teachers” is Erasmus+ KA2 project with duration since September 2015 until February 2018. The project will carry out activities that help teachers acquire new skills, competences and materials to work effectively with culturally diverse students between 6 – 13 years.
The GENERAL OBJECTIVE of this project is to address lack of appropriate skills and competences of teachers on how to deal with multicultural classes and in the same time strengthen profile of teachers, helping them in solving out difficult situations with children coming from different cultural backgrounds.


to develop handbook containing new methodology on how to deal with multiculturalism in schools;
to prepare an online e-course enabling teachers to acquire new competencies;
to provide ready-to-use materials for teachers to be used in multicultural classrooms for children among 6-13 years;
to promote, preserve and enhance cultural richness of the European society.