Multicultural Schools Christmas is coming! Let's teach diversity through Christmas celebrations! 🎄🎄🌎
Have you planned a lesson on Christmas Celebrations around the world?
TAKE A LOOK at this video and SHARE with us
See More your ideas.
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Christmas Celebrations in Different Countries | Christmas Videos from Mocomi Kidsyoutube.com presents: Christmas in Different Countries. Christmas is the time for celebrations, gifts, fun, family, food, prayers and wishes. Christma...
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Multicultural Schools We can all ''Do One Thing For Diversity and Inclusion'' ...or two! How do you teach your students what “diversity” is? SHARE WITH US your experience!🌎👩‍🏫👨‍🏫
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Do One Thing For Diversity and Inclusion - Differentyoutube.comWe can all ''Do One Thing For Diversity and Inclusion'' ...or two!
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Multicultural Schools Have you ever used technologies to teach diversity? What do you think about ICT tools for teaching? 🌎💻
TAKE A LOOK at this teacher’s idea!
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Wisconsin educator uses Skype to help students learn empathy, compassionyoutube.comSeventh grade teacher Pernille Ripp nearly quit teaching six years ago, until she realized she could change the way she reached students by understanding the...
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Multicultural Schools 5 Great Multicultural Classroom Activities To Involve Parents
It’s very important to create multicultural classroom activities that embrace the range of cultures represented; not only to help all students
See More feel included but also to help the uninitiated explore your school’s rich diversity.
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5 Multicultural Classroom Activities Involving Parents - ClassTagblog.classtag.comTry these multicultural classroom activities that embrace the range of cultures represented in your school and invite whole families to join in.
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Sonia Merlo 5 Ways to celebrate cultural #diversity in the classroom. What are your suggestions on ways to celebrate diversity? SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
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Multicultural Schools Teachers must have many skills. Building relationships among students is one of the most important. How do you face the difficulties in doing this when students don’t share similar backgrounds?
See More THIS ARTICLE about the “cultural competence” and LET US KNOW YOUR OPINION!

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Empowering Educators Through Cultural Competenceedutopia.orgWe're teaching students, not just curriculum, so cultural competence should equal professional competence, especially with students who don't share our background or level of privilege.
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Multicultural Schools What is culture? How to organize a lesson dealing with different cultures? 👩‍🏫
SHARE WITH US your experience!
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Multicultural Schools Did you know that languages are constantly in contact with each other and affect each other in many ways? TAKE A LOOK at 21 interesting language facts that you probably don’t know and that can help withSee More your multicultural and multilingual class.
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European Day of Languages > Language Fun > Language Factsedl.ecml.atThe official Site for the European Day of Languages
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Multicultural Schools Let’s start with saying THANK YOU to diversity!
What approaches do you have in your multicultural school? SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE! #MulticulturalSchools #diversity
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Sonia Merlo In my opinion one of the first steps is to teach native pupils foreign words of common use, like "thank you"!19.10.2017 at 03:46 pm1
Multicultural Schools What are your classroom strategies to teach tolerance?
This website provides few examples. SHARE WITH US YOUR STRATEGY! #MulticulturalSchools
Learning Planstolerance.orgLearning Plans reflect backward design, combining the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards, Common Core-aligned literacy strategies and student performance tasks with windows-and-mirrors texts from the Perspectives library. The result is a comprehensive literacy-based plan that is both rigoro...
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