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Sonia Merlo What does a range of nationalities in class bring to the teaching and learning experience? Having such a different range of cultures is a resource of great value, as students bring their different backgroundsSee More and experiences to the classroom. But teaching in a multicultural class can be also a tough challenge for teachers.
Join our project, Multicultural Scools (, to use our innovative tools for free and do not forget to SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE with us in this group!See Less
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Sonia Merlo Multicultural Schools project wants to overturn the typical approach of teaching shifting from a standard multiculturalism approach to an original intercultural management competence (IMC).
This fundamental
See More goal can be achieved enhancing both the competences related to the digital integration of teaching activity in combination with the main purpose of reducing the gap between students coming from different cultural backgrounds.
Moreover, stimulating digital integration in teaching represents a concrete step in order to increase efficiency and equity in education.
This kind of approach gives the possibility to acquire operative competences based upon ICT in order to effectively manage the positive value of difference inside the classroom.See Less
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