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Your Friend

Your Friend

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Your Friend

Your Friend
(By Lanny Sherwin)

Verse 1: If you want to know what’s as good as gold,
It’s a friend.
When your day has been cruddy, there’s nothing like a buddy
Who’s your friend.

Verse 2: When you do something foolish, who still thinks you’re coolish?
Your friend.
And even if you’re kinda bossy, who’s still part of your posse?
It’s your friend.

Chorus: He’ll stand by you and keep you strong.
He’ll stand up to you when you’re wrong –
That’s being a friend.

Verse 3: When you learn to ride your bike, who’s there with a high-five?
Your friend.
And when your hamster dies, who hugs you when you cry?
Your friend.

Chorus 2: He sees you with his heart, not just his eyes – that’s the art
Of being a friend.

Bridge: Now you won’t always agree, that’s just how it’s gonna be with friends.
It’s give and it’s take, and forgiving mistakes,
Then you learn to bend, and then …

Chorus 3: You’ll see with your heart, not just your eyes – that’s the start
Of being a friend.

Tag: You’re learning to be a friend.
It’s good to have a good friend.


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