3-16 diversity, multiculturality, integrity, teachers
Teaching diversity
6-12 diversity, multiculturality, integrity, teachers
12-16 integrity, right, value
Where is my home?
3-16 migration, multicultural diversity
4-12 multicultural diversity, classroom, families, students
6-13 diversity, different cultures, celebrate, holidays
6-13 diversity, different language, classroom
6-13 diversity, different cultures, celebrate, music
6-13 diversity, different language, activites, play, classroom
Diversity of learners and multicultural education
6-10 diversity, equal opportunity, to learn.
Multicultural school
4-10 school, integration, sharing
4-10 children, to play, happiness.
4-10 hands, skin colour, brotherhood.
12-18 diversity, living together
12-18 discrimination, living together
12-18 eguality, respect, cooperation
10-15 language diversity, communication
primary and secondary school Europe, pictures, curiosities, funny education
primary school geography, traditions, learning, teaching