INTER guide: a practical guide to implement intercultural education at school
6-18 education, interculturalism, society
6-18 racism, society, teenagers
6-18 education, racism, multiculturalism, society
6-18 education, interculturalism, democracy
3-6 multiculturalism, connection, culture, diversity
0-15 multilingualism, manual, didactic, culture
0-10 multilingualism, children, families, culture
Communicating Cross-Culturally: What Teachers Should Know
6-18 multiculturalism, teaching, cultures, communication
3-6 appearances, stereotypes
6-13 multiculturalism, school, human rights
6-13 diversity, different language, classroom, human rights
6-13 refugees, education, crisis
15-18 living together, equality, dignity
15-18 education, solidarity, intercultural
6-12 friendship, generosity
15-18 living together, democratic society, equality
6-13 Education, solidarity, integration, friendship
6-13 migration, tolerance, dialogue, cultural diversity
6-13 Tradition, Fairy tale
5-12 multicultural education, Self-esteem, Empathy, bilingual
primary school muticultural education, academic curriculum,cultural diversity, collaboration
primary and secondary school Europe, traditions, tales, short tales, forests, nature
Nursery rhymes from all over the world – a gallery to share with children (Click the link in the description)
primary school traditions, short tales, modern tales, multicultural stories
9 - 12 Europe, teaching guide, history, culture, pictures
12+ Europe, teaching guide, history, culture