INTER Guide for teachers on how to work in a multicultural classroom.
teachers multiculturality, challenge, teachers
Sharing our languages
6-10 multiculturalism, integration, languages
If the World were a village
7-12 multiculturalism, animation, integration, culture learning
The Birds
6-10 multiculturalism, animation, integration, animals
Video language pals
14-18 multiculturalism, video experience, friendship
Sharing what you are proud of
6-12 multiculturalism, culture, proud, share
7-10 Jewish, culture
7-10 Jewish, culture
7-10 Jewish, culture
6-13 diversity, equality,stereotypical thinking
6-13 diversity, different cultures, communication,anger
"We Are One"
3-6 Friendship, equality
4-10 Multiculturalism, equality
6-13 Multiculturalism, equality
6-10 diversity, all the same, friends
Christmas Celebrations in Different Countries | Mocomi Kids RDE
6-12 diversity, different cultures, celebrate, holidays
11-13 years History, USA, Movement for Civil Rights
Speech of Severn Suzuki (UN, 1992)
11-13 years Sustainable development, preservation of species, future, inequalities, global North-South divide
6-15 discrimination, respect
10-15 diversity, childrens\' rights
6-15 diversity, childrens\' rights
10-15 diversity, children rights
10-15 diversity, integration, children rights
primary school diversity, integration, respect, migration, teaching
primary school diversity, integration, respect, migration, teaching
Being Different is Beautiful by (Diversity Video for Children, Kids, & Schools)
primary school difference, multiculturalism, respect, languages
primary school multiculturalism, respect, globalism, peace
Teaching Children about Multicultural Literature
primary school culture, multiculturalism, respect