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Welcome to the “MULTICULTURAL SCHOOLS” website!

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Multicultural classrooms are a growing phenomenon as migrants flows are increasing exponentially. Classrooms now host such diverse nationalities and cultures as students bring with them their different backgrounds and experiences in the country they choose as new home.

The school plays a decisive role in offering opportunities for students to share their culture, origins and background with their schoolmates as part of the learning programme. Teachers, on their side, have great challenge to integrate these students in the classrooms, preventing prejudice and discrimination and at the same time opportunity to strengthen and increase cultural consciousness and intercultural awareness of all students.

Multicultural Schools project is a valuable support for teachers dealing with the urgent need to foster integration among different cultures and languages within their classrooms.
By joining this community, teachers, but also parents will have free access to innovative and helpful tools:

  • useful pedagogical materials;
  • a handbook on culturally inclusive education addressed to teachers;
  • online community to share experiences through discussion groups and attend an online course for teachers facing challenges of multiculturalism in classrooms;
  • e-learning zone with easily accessible course.

Multicultural Schools project is a great chance for teachers to acquire new competences and join wide European network of teachers!

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